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Eco-Friendly Swimwear NOW ON SALE!

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Treat Yourself with Quality Sustainable Swimwear from VINNIA

All about Eco Swimwear

If you are into environment protection, then you correctly understand what we mean. We have made it our goal to help protect the environment, and that is why we have gone out of our way to design bikinis purely made from organic material. The recycled swimwear is all bold and beautiful, and you will not even notice that they have been made from recycled materials as we have invested our efforts and expertise into coming up with the best. We believe that by using reusable materials such as fishing nets, we can clear the oceans and seas thus offering a clean and habitable marine environment.

Our eco-friendly swimwear has been designed with your needs in mind. We care about you, and our goal is to help you save money by offering you the highest quality eco bikinis to serve you for the most extended period. Whether you are in search of one piece or two piece bathing suits, we have you all covered. The bikinis can take even the harshest conditions such as UV, oil, sun cream, and chlorine. This way, you can comfortably wear your swimwear without the fear of wear and tears before it serves you for the longest period.

Noa Dusky Bikini

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From Waste to Wear


100% Regenerated Nylon

ECONYL®, regenerated nylon is made entirely from abandoned fishing nets and other nylon waste.


Sun, Chlorine & Oil Resistant

As well as being UV Resistant. Our swimwear is also Chlorine. Sun Cream and Oil Resistant.

Eco Friendly

Fishing nets entangle marine life with no chance of escape. By reducing the floating litter in our seas and oceans we improve conditions for marine life.

Breathable & Bacteriostatic

Soft, breathable and stretchy as well as stopping bacteria growing in the fabric.

Get Fitting Eco Bikinis

We have all sizes, and you can be assured that you will land a size that suits you perfectly. All you need to do is give us your measurements and leave the rest to us. Comfort is key while at the beach or pool and with our swimwear, the bikinis will neither be too tight nor too loose. You will not even notice that you have it on.

Breathable and Stretchy Bikinis

This comes back to comfort and your health. You do not want to get something that restricts your movements and makes you sweaty especially on the hot season. Our eco swimwear is super breathable which prevents fungi from growing on the pieces.

What else could you be looking for? Contact our bikini shop online for classy and trendy sustainable swimwear. If you are into fashion, you can get a mix and match bikini that you can use at any time and from anywhere. They all come at affordable prices, and the value of what you get will exceed the value of what you pay. Make your summer worthwhile and memorable and treat yourself with one of our pieces.

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