Welcome to Vinnia

The essence of Vinnia lies in the natural world around us. 
By creating clothing that compliments the body and protects the environment, we not only get to revel in the outside world every day, but we get to bring our office into nature and create striking and unique pieces which celebrate the harmony between society and that which surrounds us. 

 As is often the case with so many new brands, Vinnia was born from a gap in the market which left me unable to find the perfect bikini – one I loved the look of and which could also be considered eco-friendly. 
From there it was simply a case of sourcing and partnering with the right fabric suppliers and the right packaging brands to ensure that every touchpoint of our business was as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible.

Is everything Eco-Friendly?

We strive to be a brand that protects and supports your environment, your body, and your wallet. 

That means that everything we create and everything we do is centred around providing customers with the finest quality – without leaving destruction in our wake. 

Our manufacturing process brings together an international community, with our designs starting life on paper in the UK before being brought to life in the flesh at our small atelier in Portugal. With involvement in the entire process from start to finish, we can ensure that every style delivers on the preferences and trends loved by our customers – including price! Let’s take a closer look… 

Packaging: We are partnered with the Better Packaging brand, who commit to delivering sustainable packaging solutions to small businesses around the world. Offering both ComPoly Bags and ComPost bags, the ComPoly bags are suitable for protecting the product and ensuring it reaches you 100% perfect, while the ComPost bag is what gets your product from our warehouse to your home. As both solutions break down naturally over time, they are ideal for our environmental mission and can be disposed of alongside food and garden waste, with Better Packaging taking into account the full life span of the product from how it’s made through to how it is disposed of.  

Better Packaging has recently become a Certified B Corporation and has also been recognized by a multitude of organisations including Sustainable Business Networks, Climate Positive Business Operations and Global Commitment.

Hangtags: Our hangtags are made in Estonia and are made from a special paper which can be planted after use and grown into the most beautiful mix of wildflowers and herbs. Made using discarded offcuts from a major book printing establishment in Tallin, Estonia, our hangtags are designed to not only protect but give back to the environment, building on the very beauty that inspires so many of our designs. 

Products: Our products are all made with sustainability front of mind, from design through to manufacturing and beyond. Our small team are involved in the entire process from start to finish, meaning that we can confidently assure the quality and eco-friendly status of each and every product, from our swimwear pieces through to our active wear which is coming soon. 

We are big fans of the natural world – after all, our entire collection is made to be worn outside – so we believe it is up to us to protect it. That’s why even our factories are carefully selected with sustainability in mind, and all our products are made in small batches to cut down on unnecessary waste and ensure that we meet demand without surpassing it. 

All our swimwear pieces are 78% ECONYL® and 22% Elastane – with the exception of our limited-edition Gingham Swimsuits which have a combination of the former ratio on the inside and a 77% Polyamide to 23% Elastane on the outside. 

The end result is a fabric which is super soft and comfortable to wear, made from the ECONYL® which is formed of fabrics derived from waste which otherwise clogs up and pollutes our oceans. The elasticity of the ECONYL® in the fabric makes it a great option for our swimwear collection, and its easy-dye structure means we can add our own style and colour choices to every design. The fabric is resistant to chlorine and creams, meaning that your swimwear will stay perfect wear after wear. 

Our upcoming activewear collection is made of Q-NOVA® 68% Recycled Polyamide and Creora® 32% Regen Recycled Elastane. 

Uniquely designed to create and present comfort in the end product, this fabric is elastic and flexible, with the Q-NOVA® material taken and manufactured directly from scraps from the Italian spinning mill, giving life to what would otherwise be considered waste. By choosing to work with this fabric, we are helping to decrease waste and water use, and reduce CO2 emissions – all while ending up with a high quality, comfortable fabric which is light, breathable, and able to take on bright colours. 

What are our fabrics made from?

With our commitment to keeping every stage of the process as sustainable as possible, our factories and fabric suppliers are uniquely selected for the way they combine industrial production with environmentally friendly practice.


ECONYL® yarn is forged from fabric scraps and fishing nets through a series of steps which include regenerating the nylon waste to its original and pure status, and then remaking the yarn which can then be used in the creation of sustainable fashion.
ECONYL® is certified by DNV GL and has received certification from OEKO-TEX which looks for any harmful substances in textiles. 


Q-NOVA® is a fiber made exclusively from scraps coming from Italian spinning mill that otherwise would have been nothing more than unusable waste material to be disposed of.
Over 63% of the materials used during the production cycle is recycled.
Q-NOVA® holds the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class I certification, EU Ecolabel and the GRS certification. 


Creora® recycled elastane is made from 100% reclaimed waste. Creora® and Q-NOVA® are a perfect duo, making our activewear pieces elastic, comfortable combining protection and mobility. Creora® is GRS certified.

Where are your fabrics produced?

V. N. de Cerveira - Portugal

Our Activewear fabric is made in a factory in North Portugal, which strives to implement collaboration and innovation as part of its environmental commitment. 

A factory which holds multiple certifications including ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NP 4457, STeP by OEKO-TEX and is a BCI member. 

The idea behind the factory is to ensure the entire process of manufacturing is transparent and responsible.

Our partner ensures sustainable water management, reduction of green house gases and chemicals, reaching 70% improvement in terms of environmental impact. Furthermore, the factory reduces, recycles or reuses 98% of production waste.

The factory is constantly innovating, ensuring the growing use of advanced natural materials and use of less impactful dyeing techniques.


Our ECONYL® fabric used in the Swimwear collection comes from an Italian factory which believes and is built on the idea that nature has the same rights as humans.

The factory also holds multiple certifications, including HIGG Index, PVH Certification, GRS, OEKO-TEX and ISO 14001 certifications.

They carefully monitor their production and analyze the results achieved each year, to be able to set new targets for the future.

The factory uses electricity derived from renewable sources, recycles and re-uses 99% of their waste and controls emissions which is 10 times lowers than set by the law.

They have implemented a system allowing to harvest and re-use rainwater. 551.972 m3 of water recovered and re-used in a year, equal to the annual consumption of about 8.600 people and 62.3% of the water used was recycled.

Where do we manufacture?

Based in a small atelier in Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal, where all of our products are designed and manufactured using certified sustainable materials, Vinnia is a small business for a reason – because being a small business allows us to put our heart and soul into the design, creation, and completion of every single product we send out. 

Since day one we have committed to doing everything ourselves, not only making sure every piece that leaves us is perfect, but also delivering on our sustainability promise by providing:

- Fair wages.
- Absolutely safe working conditions. The premises are new and we made sure to create a safe and lovely working environment 
- No child labour. 
- No overproduction. Actually, the opposite! We chose made to order strategy to avoid overproduction and deliver products of a high quality of the desired size! We are all different and that's what makes us special and creating a size that would fit everyone is quite impossible! This is why when choosing our leggings, you can choose the length that would fit you and only you! Learn more when clicking on the product or get in touch and we will give you all the information that you need!
- Minimized waste wherever possible. We cannot promise a complete zero waste production but we do our absolute best to minimize it. We mark our fabric carefully which allows us to cut our garment components without leaving too much of the fabric waste. We also try to utilize the end bits and whenever possible, we repurpose them and give them new life in a form of a scrunchie, for example! 
- We use recycled fabrics across our entire swimwear and activewear collection.

Albufeira, Portugal

How can I take care of my Vinnia products and keep them perfect wear after wear, and wash after wash?

- Here at Vinnia we put our all into creating products which are as durable and reliable as they are comfortable and sustainable. But there are a few things you can do to protect your products too: 

- Always hand wash your Swimwear products in cool water, hang or lay flat to dry in a shaded area.
- Invest in a Guppyfriend® washing bag to protect your products and the water you wash them in (COMING SOON TO OUR STORE).
- Try out our ‘Bikinis Over Everything’ garment wash, which is uniquely designed to care for and wash delicates and swimwear (and activewear!) and made from only the most natural ingredients. Learn more under the individual product.
- If you put any of your garments in a washing machine, select a colder setting. 
- Wash less often, for shorter periods.

What can I do about microfibers?

One word - Guppyfriend® Coming soon to our store!

Confused? Microfibers are tiny beads of plastic which enter the water system when you wash an item of clothing – and they can be about as damaging as plastic, as they do not biodegrade and so they simply exist in the oceans and waterways. From there they get sucked into the food chain by plankton and then smaller fish and even shellfish, eventually ending up in our own foods too, as we take those fish and shellfish directly from the ocean for use in our own dishes and meals. 

Guppyfriend® offers an affordable solution in its washing bag which reduces fibre shedding and holds clothes together – not just preventing those fibres from entering the water but also extending the life of the clothes you wash inside the bag. 

As most of our Vinnia products should be hand washed (swimwear!) to keep them looking and feeling their best, we recommend adding a Guppyfriend® washing bag to your routine and only using cold to lukewarm water. The washing bag allows you to hold onto the high quality of the garment and to protect our aquatic wildlife and our own health, while the colder water ensures the fabric and its colour stay intact.

Where has our commitment to the environment come from?

If you’re going to purchase a new product, you want it to be the best it can be – right? 

Well, that’s exactly what we strive to provide… except we don’t just want to serve our customer. We want to serve and protect our environment as well. 

As you learn more about our different collections and explore the products that we have available, you will be introduced to the different fabrics and factories that we work with here at Vinnia – all with one crucial thing in common. Every supplier we work with, from the product fabrics to our packaging solutions, are derived from recycled and upcycled materials: using waste, fishing nets, plants, and the most natural raw materials while supporting sustainable solutions across every one of our touchpoints.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have, about our products or our sustainability promise.