About us

Designer and founder Anastasiia Sutula grew up close to the mountains and the forest in the Czech Republic. Ever since she was a child, nature exerted a profound sense of reverence and belonging. It is the place where she feels most at home. 

A few years ago she moved to Lisbon where she fell in love with the light and the ocean. This is where she founded her brand and launched her first swimwear and activewear lines. From the very beginning, Vinnia was designed with sustainability and ethics in mind. 

2 years ago she embarked on an ambitious journey, keen on making conscious swimwear accessible to women of all shapes and sizes worldwide. Her figure-flattering contours fit like a glove. Additionally, she set out to find the softest possible sustainable fabric, careful not to be compromising on the level of support. 

As a passionate ocean steward, Anastasiia was delighted to come across ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated and recyclable nylon fibre. A large percentage of the inputs of production for ECONYL® come from plastic ocean waste, while the rest come from textile factories and landfills. 

Anastasiia's goal is to champion the sustainable swimwear and activewear space, through nurturing collaborations with circularity pioneers and climate change stewards across the board. Her vision is to bring together conscious design, environmentally friendly manufacturing, product repairs and take-back programs, complemented by leveraging data and tech to minimise overstock and waste. When it comes to packaging, the brand partnered with Better Packaging, to ensure a high-quality, 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging solution!

The designer is committed to build an active community of change-makers, sharing and learning from each other best practices on how to live more mindfully and pave the way to a green, just, and resilient future.

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Our pieces are made from ECONYL ® regenerated nylon which comes from abandoned fishing nets from the oceans, fabric scraps coming from mills and carpets that are destined for landfill. All this nylon waste is turned into virgin nylon that is a perfect sustainable fit for the fashion industry!

Our Production

Our gorgeous swimwear is handmade in sunny Lisbon, Portugal in a small atelier. Our activewear is produced in London, in the United Kingdom in a small factory. We all cherish our resources, so does the factory, which thoughtfully tracks the use of water and energy to ensure that there is no wastage. Employees are paid a fair wage based on countries guidelines and to ensure the best comfort of the employees, the factory has health and safety certificates.

Plant your hang tag!

We have very special hang tags! You can plant them! Isn’t that amazing that instead of throwing away the hang tag, you can simply plant it and it will be grown into wildflowers or tasty herbs, you find out! The hang tags are handmade using 100% recycled paper and are infused with seeds. Simply place your hang tag on soil in a sunny spot and water it regularly!

Our Packaging

Packaging: We ship out product in 100% biodegradable and compostable mailers made from plants, more specifically, corn starch! You can simply put it in with your food scraps and garden waste and they will break down within months in a compost environment! Moreover, they are safe to be eaten by worms. It´s a win, win!